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(Note: This is NOT an IPO. This is a NASDAQ uplisting from the OTC Pink Marketplace.)

We are a MedTech company with two innovative product lines: neurology and motion products. Since October 1, 2021, we have had two direct subsidiaries, each of which is focused on one of our complimentary product lines. (Incorporated in Nevada)

The products of our subsidiary Memory MD, Inc., referred to as the Neurology Products, are medical devices designed for the neurology market. The products of our subsidiary Piezo Motion Corp., referred to as the Motion Products, are small piezoelectric motors designed for medical devices and devices outside of the MedTech industry.

Since the merger between Brain Scientific Inc. and Piezo Motion Corp., we have focused on building an experienced team and platform to grow revenues from existing products and introduce new technologies to the market while leveraging our store of intellectual property.

To date, substantially all of our revenues have been derived from our Russian subsidiary, Memory MD Russia (“MMDR”), a subsidiary organized by prior management, which has operated as a distributor of third-party medical devices within Russia. The Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 negatively impacted the operation of MMDR. With the uncertainty raised due to the continued Russian invasion of Ukraine, and with such operations no longer part of the Company’s business plan, the Company began winding down the operations of MMDR. Accordingly, during the second quarter of Fiscal 2022, MMDR satisfied its last distribution obligations and laid off all of its employees. Since then, no work has been conducted by MMDR, and the Company has no ongoing operations or employees in Russia. 

The Neurology Products of our subsidiary Memory MD, Inc. are medical devices and software products that represent a step forward in EEG technology. These medical devices and the software may be used in a wider range of applications beyond the traditional hospital or neurologist office.

Electroencephalography, or EEG, is a method to identify and evaluate the brain’s electrical activity. An EEG could be beneficial, when used with other tools, in the diagnosis of brain-related issues, including epilepsy, brain activity after a stroke, and sleep disorders. An EEG may also be used to determine the electrical activity of a comatose individual.

Our initial Neurology Products are intended to allow for simplifying and making more ambulatory the completion of EEG. Further, the NeuroCap™ and NeuroEEG™ Products, both 510K FDA cleared and available for sale, are focused on providing efficient tools to the EEG medical market. Our technology allows a miniature, wireless, clinical device capable of recording an EEG and provides the data to medical staff without the bulky hardware or necessitating a neurology technician to place the cap. The NeuroEEG™ amplifier and desktop software used to store and analyze data captured from the NeuroCap™ are anticipated to have strong margins, utilizing a distribution network to provide access to hospitals, neurologists, and general practitioners as well as the various telehealth and tele-neurology companies.

The NeuroCap™ is an FDA-cleared disposable, soft layered cap with an integrated electrode circuit that is designed to address existing problems of conventional EEG systems. The silver embedded wiring is pre-gelled, so it requires no prepping of the skin before application. NeuroCap™ makes it possible for medical staff of all levels to perform EEG tests, without having to laboriously apply electrodes one by one or spend considerable time cleaning an EEG headset after each use.


To date, initial sales of NeuroCap™ have been made direct to a small number of hospitals and clinics. In February 2022, we entered into a manufacturing agreement which allowed us to begin providing NeuroCap™ for broader sale in December 2022. Our strategy is to expand to indirect sales through representatives and distributors.

The NeuroEEG™ connects wirelessly to the computer, allowing freedom of movement for the patient and enabling telemedicine applications. Currently, we believe a shortage of EEG testing equipment and technicians exists in some areas. Other technology may require a specialized technician to apply the gel and electrodes individually.

We are in the process of applying for our CE certification, which will certify that our NeuroCap™ meets all sales requirements in the European Union and European-Economic Area countries.

NeuroHub™, fka NeuroNet Cloud, is being developed to collect and aggregate data from current and future Company devices like the NeuroCap™ and NeuroEEG™ and from external sources such as research and medical data banks, 3rd-party devices, and clinical-use applications. NeuroHub™ remains in development and is not currently integrated into our NeuroCap™ or NeuroEEG™.

Piezo Motion is a provider of piezo motor technology with significant investment in research and development of affordable piezoelectric motors to meet, and exceed, the needs of today’s global markets. We are committed to the development of innovative piezoelectric technology and motion products that enhance their functionality in a multitude of applications. We work with startups, OEMs, research institutions and industrial companies from around the world empowering the visionaries behind their products.

Piezo Motion’s products are suited for a variety of industries such as MedTech, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Industrial Automation, autonomous vehicles and Laser and Photonics. Our current focus for our piezoelectric motors remains on the MedTech market.



Industry: Surgical & Medical Instruments & Apparatus
Founded: 2013
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