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We are a holding company incorporated in Singapore (that) oversees our operations in Malaysia. The company was formerly known as CytoMed Therapeutics Pte. Ltd. We conduct our business activities primarily through our direct wholly owned subsidiary in Malaysia, CytoMed Malaysia, but may be commencing more research and clinical trial activities in Singapore through CytoMed moving forward.

We are a pre-clinical biopharmaceutical company focused on harnessing our licensed proprietary technologies to create novel cell-based immunotherapies to treat cancer. The development of our novel technologies has been inspired by the clinical success of existing CAR-T in treating hematological malignancies as well as the current clinical limitations and commercial challenges in extrapolating the CAR-T principle into treatment of solid tumors.

We believe that the current development of CD19-targeting CAR-T cells in treating B-cell malignancies signifies that cellular immunotherapy is becoming one of the pillars in cancer care. However, we believe that it remains challenging to apply the current CAR-T principle into treatments of other types of cancers, in particular solid tumors, due to a variety of reasons, including (i) the reliance on the limited cell quality and quantity of patients, (ii) the lack of suitable surface cancer antigens and their recognition system, and (iii) the ability of cancer to escape because of a single antigen-targeting strategy. To this end, we have established two novel patient blood cell-independent platform technologies to manufacture “off-the-shelf” cell-based cancer immunotherapies, meaning the manufacturing of the stated cell therapies in quantities, which utilizes either donor blood cells or iPSCs (induced Pluripotent Stem Cells) as starting materials, but not the patient’s own blood cells and no matching is required between such donor and recipient of the product. Our two novel platforms depend on healthy donor blood cells and induced pluripotent stem cells as starting material. Such platform technologies and the resulting product candidates exploit the multiple antigen recognition systems of NK cells and gamma delta T cells in the human body so as to recognize and treat a broad range of cancers.

Built on proprietary platform technologies, we are developing three product candidates: CTM-N2D, iPSC-gdNKT and CTM-GDT. CTM-N2D is our lead product candidate and it consists of expanded gamma delta T cells grafted with NKG2DL-targeting CAR to enhance anti-cancer cytotoxicity. We submitted a CTA application for a Phase I clinical trial to HSA, Singapore in December 2021, and, in July 2022, (we) were granted a CTA relating to the use of our CTM-N2D for the ANGELICA trial to be conducted with the National University Hospital Singapore, subject to conditions specified by the HSA. We expect to expand our pipeline further in Phase II trials of CTM-N2D therapy for specific cancer indications. Our second product candidate, iPSC-gdNKT, utilizes iPSC as a starting material to generate gdNKT, which is a synthetic hybrid of a gamma delta T cell and a NK cell. The hybrid cell express receptors of both cells  potentially allow the gdNKT cells to recognize and treat a broad range of cancers. This product is currently undergoing pre-clinical development. Our third product candidate, CTM-GDT, consists of expanded gamma delta T cells (GDTCs) and exploits the GDTCs’ multiple recognition system to recognize and treat a broad range of cancers. We are looking to submit a CTX application for a Phase I clinical trial to NPRA, Malaysia after 2024. We have also appointed an agent in the United States to prepare a Drug Master File for a potential research collaboration in the United States.

**Note: Revenue and net loss figures are in U.S. dollars (converted from Singapore dollars) for the 12 months that ended June 30, 2022.

(Note: CytoMed Therapeutics Limited priced its micro-cap IPO on April 13, 2023, at $4.00 – the low end of its $4.00-to-$5.00 price range – on the full 2.41 million ordinary shares (2,412,369 ordinary shares) in the prospectus – to raise $9.65 million. The stock is expected to start trading Friday, April 14, 2023, on the NASDAQ. Background: CytoMed Therapeutics Limited (formerly CytoMed Therapeutics Pte. Ltd.) disclosed terms for its IPO in an F-1/A filing dated Jan. 31, 2023: 2.41 million ordinary shares (2,412,369 ordinary shares) at $4.00 to $5.00 to raise $10.86 million. CytoMed Therapeutics filed its F-1 on Nov. 18, 2022.) 

(Note: Effective Jan. 17, 2023, a 1-for-380.83 reverse split of CytoMed’s ordinary shares went into effect, in which the shareholders received 1 ordinary share for every 380.83 ordinary shares held “as of such date,” the prospectus says.)


Employees: 25
Founded: 2013
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