DatChat, Inc. (stock)

General Information

(Note: This is a unit offering. IPOScoop has NO CALL on this IPO because this is a micro-cap unit offering. The common stock will trade on the NASDAQ under the proposed symbol “DATS” and the warrants under the proposed symbol “DATSW”. Each unit consists of one share of our common stock and one Series A Warrant to purchase one share of our common stock.)

We are a communication software company. We believe that one’s right to privacy should not end the moment they click “send.” Our flagship product, DatChat Messenger & Private Social Network (the “Application”), is a mobile application that gives users the ability to communicate with privacy and protection. (DatChat was previously known as YssUp, Inc., when it was incorporated in Nevada on Dec. 4, 2014.)

The Application allows users to exercise control over their messages, even after they are sent. Through the Application, users can delete messages that they have sent, on their own device and the recipient’s device as well. There is no set time limit within which they must exercise this choice. A user can elect at any time to delete a message that they previously sent to a recipient’s device.

The Application also enables users to hide secret and encrypted messages behind a cover, which messages can only be unlocked by the recipient and which are automatically destroyed after a fixed number of views or fixed amount of time. Users can decide how long their messages last on the recipient’s device. The Application includes a screen shot protection system, which makes it virtually impossible for the recipient to screenshot a message or picture before it gets destroyed. In addition, users can delete entire conversations at any time, making it like the conversation never even happened.

The Application integrates with iMessage, making private messages potentially available to hundreds of millions of users.

Note: To date, we have no revenues. Since inception through March 31, 2021, we have recorded accumulated losses totaling $17,758,283. 

(Note: DatChat priced its unit IPO on Aug. 12, 2021, at $4.15 – the low end of its $4.15-to-$5.15 price range – on 2.89 million units – an increase of 40,998 units from the 2.85 million units in the prospectus – to raise $12 million. Each warrant is exercisable for one share of common stock at an exercise price of $4.98 per share and will expire five years from the date of issuance.)

Industry: Telegraph & Other Message Communications
Employees: 6
Founded: 2014
Contact Information
Address 65 Church Street, New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901
Phone Number (732) 354-4766
Web Address http://www.datchat.com/
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Financial Information
Market Cap $67.57mil
Revenues $0 mil (last 12 months)
Net Income $-1.77 mil (last 12 months)
IPO Profile
Symbol DATS
Exchange NASDAQ
Shares (millions): 2.9
Price range $4.15 - $4.15
Est. $ Volume $12.0 mil
Manager / Joint Managers EF Hutton/ Tiger Brokers
CO-Managers -
Expected To Trade: 8/13/2021
Status: Priced
Quiet Period Expiration Date:
Lock-Up Period Expiration Date:
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