Ealixir, Inc.

General Information

(Note: This is NOT an IPO. This is a NASDAQ uplisting from the OTC Pink Market, where our stock’s last reported sale price was $5.25 on Feb. 8, 2023.)

We are an online reputation management (ORM) firm. 

Ealixir is an internet technology company specializing in online reputation management services, which we refer to as ORM. The heart of our operational philosophy is our belief that our clients, both individual and corporate, should have, what we have termed, the “right to be forgotten”. In other words, this means the right of an individual or a company to have removed from the internet outdated negative information or harmful spurious content. We support a more professional and accurate internet whereby content publishers or providers regulate the use of people’s private information by third parties, especially in the context of having the right to remove information from doxing (referring to unauthorized release of personal identifying information), libel or slander or any other similar content with malicious intent. We believe our philosophy is underpinned in law in the European Union by Directive 95/46/EC of October 24, 1995, which regulates the processing of personal data within the European Union, as well as other regulations.

Ealixir uses its advanced technological platform to provide ORM services and digital privacy solutions to individuals, professional organizations, and small, medium businesses, or “SMBs”. By providing our clients with an ability to control, remove and edit information posted and available on the internet, individuals, professional organizations, and SMBs can choose what lawful and verified content about them that will appear on websites and search engines. Our extensive removal experience and proprietary removal technology, allows us we believe to offer one of the best services available in the content removal industry. Our objective is to provide protection for the reputation of our clients on websites and search engines by drafting and correcting inaccurate information, filtering harmful or negative information and misinformation from social engines, and by managing the online status of individuals, brands and companies. Furthermore, we aim to enhance the image, legacy and the web-reputation of our customers by creating positive links and original tailor-made content, which is then disseminated online through a vast network of newspapers, agencies and websites with whom we work.

Our objective as a company is to advocate our philosophy of the “right to be forgotten” in order to help individuals, SMBs and others fight back against outdated negative information and harmful spurious content online, and we strive at being subject matter professionals at what we do.

The internet and its various platforms have become in our opinion the new media battlefield which can be used to destroy brand and reputation. Our purpose as a company is to provide protection against these unwarranted and often spurious attacks, while offering a possible risk free, technical approach to permanent content removal. We have witnessed the repercussions that negative online content can bring to both businesses and individuals and fight to give our clients back control over their online presence.

Our employees include computer science specialists, web analysists, and digital media or communication strategists, supported by a legal specialist specialized in privacy laws. We also maintain relationships with a data analysis search engine and data banks with whom we work on the deindexation of harmful and unwanted content and links.

By our choice and not by legal obligation, as a policy, we do not work with those who have been found guilty in the past of committing crimes related to drugs, criminal organizations or violence against women or minors. Moreover, before working with any client, as a policy, we request their FBI criminal record and do not take a client on unless we receive a clean report.

(Note: Ealixir, Inc. filed its S-1 on Feb. 10, 2023, without disclosing terms for its public offering in connection with its proposed uplisting to the NASDAQ from the OTC Pink Market.)


Industry: Communication Equipment
Employees: 21
Founded: 2018
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Address 40 SW 13th St. Penthouse 1 Miami, FL 33130
Phone Number (786) 856-0358
Web Address https://www.ealixir.com/
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Revenues $4.67 mil (last 12 months)
Net Income $0.64 mil (last 12 months)
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