Global Mofy Metaverse Limited

General Information

*Note: The shares in the IPO are being offered by the Cayman Islands- incorporated holding company.

We are a technology solutions provider engaged in virtual content production, digital marketing, and digital assets development for the metaverse industry. Utilizing our proprietary “Mofy Lab” technology platform which consists of cutting-edge three-dimensional (“3D”) rebuilt technology and artificial intelligence (“AI”) interactive technology, we are able to create 3D high definition virtual version of a wide range of physical world objects such as characters, objects and scenes which can be used in different applications. According to the industry datasheet generated by Frost & Sullivan, we believe we are one of the leading digital asset banks in China, which consists of more than 7,000 high precision 3D digital assets. High precision means 4K (4096*2160) resolution of movie precision. With our strong technology platform and industry track record, we are able to attract high-profile customers such as L’Oreal and Pepsi and earn repeat business. We primarily operate in three lines of business (i) virtual technology service, (ii) digital marketing, and (iii) digital asset development and others.

Virtual Technology Service

We provide comprehensive technology solution to assist customers in virtual content production, which can be used in a variety of settings such as movies, television series, animations advertising and gaming, etc. Leveraging our proprietary “Mofy Lab” technology platform, we are able to produce high-quality virtual content quickly and cost-effectively to meet highly differentiated customers’ needs. The virtual content production contracts are primarily quoted in fixed price, payable on a milestone basis, which requires us to perform services for visual effect design, content development, production and integration based on customers’ specific needs.

Digital Marketing

We provide advertisement production and promotion services to customers with integrated digital marketing services from content planning, technical services and content production assistance to omni-channel online placement. Technical services under advertisement production uses the same technologies with our virtual technology service. For content planning and content production, unlike focusing on the storyline under virtual technology service, we focus on the promotion products provided by the digital marketing customers under advertisement production. The advertisements are in different format, including but not limited to short video, landing pages and static materials. We consider that both of the advertisement production and promotion services are highly interrelated and not separately identifiable. It is not practical to quantify the portion of revenue from our advertisement production and revenue that derives from advertising placement/promotion services.

Digital Asset Development

Through our virtual content production business and opportunistic acquisition of certain digital assets, we are able to build a robust digital asset bank with more than 7,000 3D digital assets. We grant specific use right of these digital assets to customers who use them based on their specific needs across different applications such as movies, television series, AR/VR, animation, adverting and gaming. Our digital assets, which build up our digital asset bank, mainly consist of high precision 3D renders of scenes, characters, objects and, items that can be licensed for use in virtual environment. Depending on customers’ needs, these digital assets can be quickly deployed and integrated with minimal customization, thus reducing project costs and expediate completion time. With the rapid development of metaverse, we believe digital assets will be become increasingly valuable and have abundant use cases. We plan to actively expand our digital asset bank and build digital assets which we believe have more use case to serve this fast-growing market.

Global Mofy China has its own technology platform, called “Mofy Lab”. Mofy Lab contains self-developed and optimized technologies, including 3D rebuilt technology and AI interactive technology, which can: (i) create 3D high definition virtual version of real world objects, or the digital assets; and (ii) provide a one-stop, low barrier, low-cost solution to assist metaverse companies in creating high quality virtual content.

**Note: Net loss and revenues are in U.S. dollars for the year ended Sept. 30, 2022.

**Note: A 1-for-5 stock split became effective on Sept. 16, 2022.

(Global Mofy Metaverse Limited priced its micro-cap IPO on Oct. 9, 2023, at $5.00 – the mid-point of its $4.50-to-$5.50 range – on 1.2 million shares – the number of shares in the prospectus – to raise $6.0 million. Background: Global Mofy Metaverse Limited updated its financial statements through March 31, 2023, in an F-1/A dated Aug. 14, 2023. Global Mofy Metaverse Limited changed its sole book-runner to Prime Number Capital from Maxim Group, according to an F-1/A filing dated May 5, 2023. Global Mofy Metaverse Limited slashed its IPO by 80 percent to 1.2 million shares – down from 6.0 million shares – and kept the price range at $4.50 to $5.50 – to raise $6.0 million, according to an F-1/A filing dated March 7, 2023. Global Mofy Metaverse Limited filed its F-1 on Nov. 23, 2022; it submitted confidential IPO documents to the SEC on March 4, 2022.) )

Employees: 18
Founded: 2017
Contact Information
Address No. 102, 1st Floor, No. A12, Xidian Memory Cultural and Creative Town Gaobeidian Township, Chaoyang District, Beijing People’s Republic of China, 100000
Phone Number +86-10-64376636
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Financial Information
Market Cap $126.0mil
Revenues $17.29 mil (last 12 months)
Net Income $-0.27 mil (last 12 months)
IPO Profile
Symbol GMM
Exchange NASDAQ
Shares (millions): 1.2
Price range $5.00 - $5.00
Est. $ Volume $6.0 mil
Manager / Joint Managers Prime Number Capital
Expected To Trade: 10/10/2023
Status: Priced
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