JP Outfitters, Inc.

General Information

We are a specialty apparel company with two brands – The J Peterman Company and The Territory Ahead. We have no brick-and-mortar stores. We sell our products through print catalogs and online: and  (Incorporated in Delaware)

We are a proprietary branded apparel, footwear and accessory company that designs, sources, markets, and distributes products bearing the trademarks of The J. Peterman Company and The Territory Ahead lifestyle brands. Versus applying the “fast fashion” approach of many in the apparel industry, our business strategy is to develop and market compelling lifestyle brands and curated timeless products that evoke a strong emotional response from our target consumers, which we believe translates into greater customer loyalty and provides permission for higher price points.

Our brands:

       –  The J. Peterman brand was founded in 1987 by John Peterman and his partner, Don Staley, with an initial investment of $500, a horseman’s duster, and a one-sixth page advertisement in The New Yorker. From there, it grew into a distinctive lifestyle and apparel company for men and women of curated and uniquely presented products that are displayed in color artist renderings, rather than photographs, along with elaborate, literary descriptions of the offerings. Many of the products are recreations of, or modern interpretations of, historical (vintage) clothing and accessories from the past.

         As a brand, J. Peterman embodies wanderlust—the strong desire to travel and explore the world. The clothes we sell, paired with engaging, distinctive and vivid imagery, help paint a unique backstory for each piece, enabling our customers to travel the world through the comfort of our catalogs. Utilizing catalogs, we have the ability to showcase our products through artist renditions paired with a literary aspect, transporting our customers to journey beyond their everyday lives and share memories and experiences that allow them to live a life they have always dreamed of: an aspirational lifestyle. 

      –  The Territory Ahead is a men’s leisure lifestyle clothing and accessories brand that provides products that are casual and that appeal to customers who identify themselves as “adventurous”. This is the largest and fastest-growing brand in the JPO portfolio. We occupy a space that most do not. We aim to bring something new to the table for men’s fashion and to achieve a balance between high quality and price. We focus on the exploration and excitement of travel through unique patterns and fabric, encouraging our customers to explore new designs and expression. We provide exciting products for those seeking exciting adventures, whether one is conservative, hippie, bold, or cowboy. Comfort and reliability are at the core of everything we produce, but it’s our attention to clever features and details, inside and out of each garment, that sets us apart from the competition. Fast-fashion is not our aim, rather we strive to create limited quantities of pieces that allow our customers to break-free of the confines of modern fashion for a more creative, durable, and expressive clothing that encourages a range of fun, comfortable pieces all in one place.

We operate a Direct to Consumer (DTC) model in which we distribute our products directly to our customers via print catalogs (our main marketing tool), web, supplemented with social media and regular email communication. We receive orders through our websites and via telephone through our customer service centers. We have built an integrated scalable operating infrastructure focused on flexible and cost-effective sale and distribution of our products. Within the platform, we have aggregated most aspects of our operations across our brands. Under our “shared-service” concept, the front end remains brand consistent, but the back end is uniform across the brands, thus ensuring newly acquired brands can be integrated into this platform seamlessly. With no physical locations, we require lower inventory levels and capital expenditures compared to traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. Since we have no set “floor plan” and can closely manage inventory levels at our centralized warehouses, we have the flexibility to analyze and react quickly to changing trends and demand by shifting programming time and product mix. Our cost structure is highly variable, which we believe allows us to achieve attractive margins relative to the fixed costs commonly associated with brick-and-mortar retailers.

**Note: Net loss and revenue figures are for the 12 months that ended June 30, 2023. 

 (Note: JP Outfitters, Inc. filed an S-1/A dated Oct. 24, 2023, and disclosed terms for its IPO: 2.4 million shares at $4.00 to raise $9.6 million. JP Outfitters, Inc. filed an S-1/A dated June 14, 2023, in which it updated its financial statements through March 31, 2023, but it did not disclose terms for its IPO. JP Outfitters filed its S-1  on April 21, 2023.)

Industry: Retail - Apparel & Accessory Stores
Employees: 56
Founded: 1987
Contact Information
Address 5345 Creek Rd. Cincinnati, Ohio, 45242
Phone Number (513) 745-1135
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Financial Information
Market Cap $69.6mil
Revenues $25.02 mil (last 12 months)
Net Income $-11.1 mil (last 12 months)
IPO Profile
Symbol JPO
Exchange NASDAQ
Shares (millions): 2.4
Price range $4.00 - $4.00
Est. $ Volume $9.6 mil
Manager / Joint Managers Aegis Capital Corp.
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Status: TBA
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