La Rosa Holdings Corp.

General Information

We operate primarily in the U.S. residential real estate market, which, according to Zillow Research1, totaled $43.4 trillion in 2021, up by a record $6.9 trillion since 2020 and more than double the level from a decade ago.

We are the holding company for five agent-centric technology-integrated (and) cloud-based multi-service real estate companies. Our primary business, La Rosa Realty, LLC, has been listed in the “Top 75 Residential Real Estate Firms in the United States” by the National Association of Realtors (the “NAR”), the leading real estate industry trade association in the United States.

Our business was founded by Mr. Joseph La Rosa, a successful real estate developer, business and life coach, author, podcaster and public speaker. Mr. La Rosa’s self-help book “Do It Now” is a roadmap to personal success and well-being based on his transformative theories of family, passion and growth. His philosophy, seminars and educational forums have attracted numerous successful realtors that have spurred the growth of our business.

In addition to providing person-to-person residential and commercial real estate brokerage services to the public, we cross sell ancillary technology-based products and services primarily to our sales agents and the sales agents associated with our franchisees. Our business is organized based on the services we provide internally to our agents and to the public, which are residential and commercial real estate brokerage, franchising, real estate brokerage education and coaching, and property management. Our real estate brokerage business operates primarily under the trade name La Rosa Realty, which we own, and, to a lesser extent, under the trade name Better Homes Realty, which we license.

We have five La Rosa Realty corporate real estate brokerage offices in Florida, 28 La Rosa Realty franchised real estate brokerage offices in six states in the United States and Puerto Rico, and an international La Rosa Realty franchised office in Peru. Our real estate brokerage offices, both corporate and franchised, are staffed with more than 2,380 licensed real estate brokers and sales associates.

We have built our business by providing the home buying public with well trained and knowledgeable realtors who have access to our proprietary and third-party in-house technology tools and quality education and training, and valuable marketing that attracts some of the best local realtors who provide value-added services to our home buyers and sellers that are attracted to our brands. We give our real estate brokers and sales agents who are seeking financial independence a turnkey solution and support them in growing their brokerages while they fund their own businesses. This enables us to maintain a low fixed-cost business with several recurring revenue streams, yielding relatively high margins and cash flow.

Our agent-centric commission model enables our sales agents to obtain higher net commissions than they would otherwise receive from many of our competitors in our local markets. Moreover, we believe that our proprietary technology, training, and the support that we provide to our agents at a minimal cost to them is one of the best offered in the industry.

(Note: La Rosa Holdings Corp. cut its IPO’s size to 1.0 million shares – down from 1.4 million shares – and kept the assumed IPO price at $5.00 to raise $5.0 million, according to an S-1/A filing dated Sept. 1, 2023; in that filing, La Rosa Holdings changed its sole book-runner to Alexander Capital, L.P., replacing US Tiger Securities, which had been named sole book-runner in July 2023.) 

(Background Note: La Rosa Holdings Corp. changed the structure of its IPO in an S-1/A filing dated April 26, 2023, by removing the warrants: The IPO is now a stock-only deal of 1.4 million shares at $5.00 each to raise $7.0 million. La Rosa Holdings also changed its sole book-runner in the S-1/A filing dated April 26, 2023, to Spartan Capital Securities from Maxim. Background: Previously La Rosa Holdings had cut the size of its IPO to 700,000 units, down from 1.5 million units, and kept the price range at $9.00 to $11.00 to raise $7.0 million in an S-1/A filing dated Aug. 3, 2022. La Rosa Holdings filed its S-1 on April 19, 2022, as a unit IPO – 1.5 million units at $9.00 to $11.00 to raise $15.0 million, with sole book-runner Maxim.)


Employees: 14
Founded: 2004
Contact Information
Address 1420 Celebration Blvd., 2nd Floor Celebration, FL 34747
Phone Number (321) 250-1799
Web Address
View Prospectus: La Rosa Holdings Corp.
Financial Information
Market Cap $43.0mil
Revenues $29.01 mil (last 12 months)
Net Income $-0.19 mil (last 12 months)
IPO Profile
Symbol LRHC
Exchange NASDAQ
Shares (millions): 1.0
Price range $5.00 - $5.00
Est. $ Volume $5.0 mil
Manager / Joint Managers Alexander Capital, L.P.
Expected To Trade: 10/5/2023
Day: Thursday
Quiet Period Expiration Date:
Lock-Up Period Expiration Date:
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