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(Note: This is NOT an IPO. This is a NASDAQ uplisting from the OTC market. The public offering is a unit offering with proposed NASDAQ symbols of “LADX” for the stock and “LADX-W” for the warrants. Each unit will consist  of one share of stock and one warrant to buy a share of stock.)

We are a biopharmaceutical research and development company specializing in oncology. (Incorporated in Delaware)

Our focus is on the discovery, research and clinical development of novel anti-cancer drug candidates that employ novel technologies that target chemotherapeutic drugs to solid tumors and reduce off-target toxicities. During 2017, our discovery laboratory in Freiburg, Germany synthesized and tested over 75 rationally designed drug candidates with highly potent anti-cancer payloads, culminating in the creation of two distinct classes of compounds. Four lead candidates (LADR-7 through LADR-10) were selected based on in vitro and animal studies in several different cancer models, and based on stability and manufacturing feasibility. In addition, a novel companion diagnostic, ACDx™, was developed to identify patients with cancer who are most likely to benefit from treatment with these drug candidates. However, our research and development activities have been curtailed as we seek additional financing.

The first-generation LADR™-based drug is called Aldoxorubicin. Aldoxorubicin is the drug doxorubicin attached to the first generation LADR™ backbone (LADRs 7-10 employ a next generation LADR™ backbone). Aldoxorubicin has been administered to over 600 human subjects in human clinical trials and has proven the concept of LADR™ in that several-fold more doxorubicin can be safely administered to patients when the doxorubicin is attached to LADR™ than when administered as native doxorubicin. Aldoxorubicin has been licensed to ImmunityBio Inc. (formerly known as NantCell, Inc.) (“ImmunityBio”), and is currently in a Phase II registrational intent trial for pancreatic cancer. Aldoxorubicin is expected to enter a Phase I/II trial for glioblastoma in 2023.

The next generation LADR™ drugs are termed LADR7, 8, 9, and 10. A great deal of Investigational New Drug (“IND”) enabling work has already been accomplished on LADR7-10, including in-silico modeling, in-vitro efficacy testing in several different cancer models, in-vivo dosing, safety, and efficacy testing in several different cancer models in animals. We have also developed and proven manufacturability, an important step prior to beginning human clinical trials.

(Note: LadRx Corp. filed  its S-1 for its NASDAQ uplisting – a unit offering – on April 13, 2023.)


Founded: 1985
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Address 11726 San Vicente Boulevard, Suite 650 Los Angeles, California 90049 (310) 826-5648
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