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We are a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of innovative precision medicines for the treatment of serious unmet medical needs in oncology. We are currently developing two preclinical drug candidates with the lead candidate expected to begin a Phase 1 clinical trial in the fourth quarter of 2021.

In May 2021, we licensed exclusive worldwide commercial rights to NXP800, an HSF1 pathway inhibitor, our lead product candidate, which was discovered and developed in the drug discovery program at the Institute for Cancer Research (“ICR”) in London, England.

In August 2021, we bought the exclusive worldwide rights to NXP900, a novel small molecule therapy developed by the University of Edinburgh. 

NXP800, one of our lead preclinical drug candidates, is an oral small molecule inhibitor of the Heat Shock Factor 1 (HSF1) pathway. The HSF1 signaling pathway plays an important role in the initiation and progression of many cancers. Our initial target indications for NXP800, advanced ovarian clear cell carcinoma (OCCC) and relapse/refractory endometrioid ovarian cancer, are both serious conditions of unmet medical need.

NXP900, our other lead preclinical drug candidate, is an oral small molecule SRC/YES1 kinase inhibitor. SRC is aberrantly activated in many cancer types, including solid tumors such as breast, colon, prostate, pancreatic and ovarian cancers, while remaining predominantly inactive in non-cancerous cells. SRC overactivation is generally associated with late-stage cancers, metastatic potential and resistance to therapies and poor clinical prognosis. NXP900 has demonstrated potent and selective target inhibition in vitro, and substantial tumor growth inhibition in relevant xenograft models. We plan to continue to advance NXP900 through the preclinical development stages to enable a first-in-human clinical study.  

*Note: The net loss figure is for the nine months that ended Sept. 30, 2021.

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