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General Information

(Note: This is NOT an IPO. This is a direct listing. There is no underwriter. Maxim Group is the financial advisor. The stock started trading on NASDAQ on Monday, Oct.23, 2023, opening at $23.01.)

We are a real estate technology company with a mission to develop, utilize and commercialize our artificial intelligence (“AI”) focused technology stack to empower retail investor participation in short-term rental properties. Short-term rentals are utilized for various purposes, including vacations, relocations, renovations, extended work trips, special events, temporary work assignments, or seasonal activities.

We were founded on the belief that every person should have the access and the freedom to pursue wealth creation through real estate. However, we believe there are significant entry barriers for the average individual and that the lucrative returns are currently taken mainly by private equity firms and larger-scale developers. We intend to develop and buy technologies to democratize access to short-term rental investments. To support this goal, we are creating a new model, powered by our AI focused technologies, for property ownership and real estate investment.

Our business model is built with technologies for analyzing and acquiring short-term rental properties that meet the Investment Criteria (as defined in the “Business” section of this prospectus) for syndication purposes, and which we call Target Properties. Once the Target Properties are acquired, they are prepared for rent and listed on short-term rental sites, and, when warranted, disposed of for profits. Our technologies help us not only identify properties with the most short-term rental profitability potential, but also optimize their profitability by generating listing descriptions using the surrounding attractions of the location, analyzing guest reviews in the area, and suggesting improvements. We intend to generate revenue through our property syndications on the reAlpha App, and, once our technologies are fully developed and ready to be commercialized, we intend to make some of these technologies available for commercial use by other customers on a licensing fee basis, pay-per-use basis or other fee arrangements.

The Company plans to make Target Properties available to investors via the Company’s subsidiary, Roost Enterprises, Inc. (“Rhove”). Rhove will create and manage limited liability companies (each, a “Syndication LLC”) to syndicate one or more of the Target Properties through exempt offerings. Once the Syndication LLCs are in place, Rhove will launch exempted offerings to sell membership interests in such properties to investors, through the purchase of membership interests in the Syndication LLCs, pursuant to Regulation A or Regulation D, each as promulgated under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”) (each, a “Syndication”). We refer to properties that have been offered through a Syndication LLC as “Syndicated” properties throughout this prospectus. To further facilitate the investment process in the Syndication LLCs, the Company is currently working on the reAlpha App (hereafter referred to as the “reAlpha App,” “App” or “app”).

The membership interests will provide an ownership stake in the Syndication LLC and in turn in the Target Properties. We refer to such investors as Syndicate Members, who differ significantly to the holders of our common stock. To date, we have not yet developed a secondary trading market for equity interests in our Syndication LLCs. While the potential establishment of such a market is under consideration, no final decision has been made to implement a secondary trading market at this time.

Rights among Syndicate Members may vary among each other depending on the specific terms and conditions agreed to in the offering documents pursuant to which the holder becomes a Syndicate Member. By becoming a Syndicate Member, the holder will not acquire any rights to the Company’s common stock and, therefore, will not be entitled to vote, receive a dividend or exercise any other rights of a stockholder of the Company. Likewise, acquiring shares of common stock of the Company will not provide the stockholders the status of Syndicate Member. Both Syndicate Members and our stockholders will receive the same quarterly financial metric information of our listed properties through the reAlpha App and the reAlpha website, which will also be available to the general public without a login, concurrently with our consolidated quarterly results (as more fully described under “Segments – Platform Services” section below). Syndicate members that have access to the reAlpha App will only receive personalized financial information respective to their individual holdings in each of our Syndications.

We operate in two reportable segments consisting of (i) platform services and (ii) rental business. Our platform services segment offers and develops AI-based products and services to customers in the real-estate industry, while our rental business focuses on purchasing properties for syndication, which process is powered by our platform services technologies. 

(reAlpha Tech Corp. announced early Monday, Oct. 23, 2023, that its direct listing on the NASDAQ was deemed effective and its stock would start trading that day on the NASDAQ.)


Industry: Syndication - Short-Term Rentals
Employees: 7
Founded: 2020
Contact Information
Address 6515 Longshore Loop, Suite 100 Dublin, OH 43017
Phone Number (707) 732-5742
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Financial Information
Market Cap $425.52mil
Revenues $0.42 mil (last 12 months)
Net Income $-5.45 mil (last 12 months)
IPO Profile
Symbol AIRE
Exchange NASDAQ
Shares (millions): 4.2
Price range $23.01 - $23.01
Est. $ Volume $41.6 mil
Manager / Joint Managers Maxim Group
Expected To Trade: 10/23/2023
Status: Priced
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