Rose Hill Acquisition Corp.

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We intend to focus our search on companies that operate in the Latin American markets. (Incorporated in the Cayman Islands)

We believe that the Latin American region holds a diverse base of numerous public ready businesses seeking capital to fund their operations and achieve long-term growth. However, most companies in the region face hurdles in their pursuit of equity capital through traditional avenues. Late private funding for emerging companies in Latin America remains scarce and expensive, while the local public capital markets outside Brazil have historically been inefficient, illiquid, and limited in depth as compared to the U.S. capital markets. We plan to capitalize on this pent-up demand for growth equity and market access to provide an attractive capital solution for the region’s high-growth private companies. We strongly believe that the growth path for many of these emerging private companies can be accelerated through a Nasdaq listing, access to the broad U.S. institutional investor base, and the type of strategic partnership that our company offers.

In pursuit of this goal, our investment thesis is based on three core principles to complete a business combination in Latin America: (i) successful navigation of these markets requires a dedicated team of individuals with long track records of success investing and operating in the region; (ii) successfully capitalizing on the Special Purpose Acquisition Company, or SPAC, as a vehicle requires transaction expertise with the SPAC product and ample experience in structuring business combinations; and (iii) long-term value creation post business combination requires deep understanding of both U.S. public market dynamics and Latin American operating requirements. Based on these principles, Rose Hill was founded and strategically structured to provide a comprehensive array of both regional and product know-how that collectively maximizes our probability of success.

Our management team is comprised of individuals that collectively possess: (i) over 60 years of experience and leading roles in more than $250 billion of completed mergers and acquisitions transactions across Latin American markets; (ii) transaction experience leading large teams focused on Latin America, including former Latin American Heads of M&A for Lehman Brothers, Barclays Capital, Scotiabank, and HSBC Brazil, as well as Investment Banking coverage for Morgan Stanley and Infrastructure & Power for Nomura; (iii) deep operational and private equity expertise in the Latin America region; and (iv) experience underwriting and advising SPAC offerings and business combinations.

Our independent board of directors was selected to provide expertise across our five main Latin American target markets: Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, and Peru. These individuals bring over 100 years of combined investing and advising experience across dozens of industries in the region. Our independent director nominees are industry leaders with substantial operational expertise, partners and presidents at leading private equity firms in Latin America, former country CEOs at consulting firms in the region, and former public company senior executives.

Our strategic investor in Latin America, Ameris Capital, brings (i) a deep understanding and track record of success investing in the region across multiple asset classes and industries; (ii) relationships with premier long-only investors in Latin America; (iii) an extensive background in creatively structuring deals in the region; and (iv) a wide breadth of public markets expertise.

(Note: Rose Hill Acquisition priced its SPAC IPO on Oct. 13, 2021, in line with the terms in its prospectus: 12.5 million units at $10 each to raise $125 million.)


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Founded: 2021
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