IPO Traffic: Week Ending Dec. 26, 2014

  Lead Manager/ # of Price Range   Dollar SCOOP
AltheaDx  (IDGX) Citigroup/ Jefferies       $69.00 n.a.
BeneChill  (BNCH) Dawson James Securities       $14.70 n.a.
Black Knight Financial Services (BKFS) TBA       $100.00 n.a.
Check-Cap Ltd. (CHEK) Chardan Capital Markets/ Maxim Group     $15.00 n.a.
Easterly Government Properties  (DEA) Citigroup/ Raymond James/ RBC Capital Markets   $100.00 n.a.
Entellus Medical (ENTL) BofA Merrill Lynch/ Piper Jaffray       $69.00 n.a.
Hailiang Education Group (HLG) Network 1 Financial Securities       $20.00 n.a.
Infraredx (REDX) RBC Capital Markets/ Canaccord Genuity/ BMO Capital Markets $55.00 n.a.
Sol-Wind Renewable Power, LP (SLWD) UBS Investment Bank/ Citigroup       $100.00 n.a.
n.a. (not available)            
CardioDx (CDX) Jefferies/ Piper Jaffray       $86.25 n.a.
New Terms            
Tobira Therapeutics (TBRA) Leerink Partners       $69.00 n.a.
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