IPO Traffic: Weeks Ending March 29, 2013

  Lead Manager/ # of Price Range   Dollar SCOOP
New Filings (Proposed Symbol) Joint-Lead Managers Shares Low High Volume Ratings
Armada Hoffler Properties   (AHH) Baird       $201.25 n.a.
Capitol Acquisition  (CLAQU) Citigroup/ Deutsche Bank Securities 10.00 $10.00 $15.00 $125.00 n.a.
Emerge Energy Services LP   (EMES) Citigroup/ Wells Fargo Securities/ J.P. Morgan     $100.00 n.a.
Phillips 66 Partners LP  (PSXP) J.P. Morgan/ Morgan Stanley       $345.00 n.a.
QIWI plc  (QIWI) J.P. Morgan/ Credit Suisse       $100.00 n.a.
Seer Mortgage Capital (SEER) Deutsche Bank Securities/ Citigroup       $100.00 n.a.
Tallgrass Energy Partners, LP   (TEP) Barclays/ Citigroup       $315.16 n.a.
n.a. (not available)            
MacDermid Group (MRD) Credit Suisse/ Morgan Stanley/ Deutsche Bank Securities   $200.00 1-Star
QGOG Constellation S.A. (QGOG) J.P. Morgan/ BofA Merrill Lynch/ Itaú BBA/ Credit Suisse/ Bradesco BBI 27.50 $19.00 $21.00 $550.00 1-Star
Toys R US (TOYS) Goldman, Sachs/ J.P. Morgan/ BofA Merrill Lynch/ Credit Suisse/ Deutsche Bank Securities/ Citi/ Wells Fargo Securities $800.00 1-Star
New Terms            
EVERTEC  (EVTC) Goldman, Sachs/ J.P. Morgan 21.05 $18.00 $20.00 $400.02 2-Stars
IPOs Priced Lead Shares Amount Offer Close %
Week of March 25, 2013 Manager(s) Offered Raised Price 3/28/13 Change
Pinnacle Foods  (PF) Barclays/ BofA Merrill Lynch/ Credit Suisse/ Goldman, Sachs/ Morgan Stanley/ UBS Investment Bank 29.00 $580.00 $20.00 $22.21 11.05%
NV5 Holdings (NVEE.U)(u) Roth Capital Partners 1.40 $8.40 $6.00 $6.09 1.50%
Garrison Capital  (GARS) Baird/ Oppenheimer 3.20 $48.00 $15.00 $15.13 0.87%