The IPO Buzz: Fast Traffic on the IPO Highway

This year’s IPO market got off to a fast start. On Tuesday morning, an amendment was posted on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s filing window announcing expected pricing terms for what proved to be 2014’s first IPO. The deal jumped onto the calendar for a Thursday evening pricing, started trading Friday morning, and popped for an opening-day gain of 12.6 percent. In the meantime, the SEC’s filing window started spitting out deal after deal plus pricing terms after pricing terms. By week’s end, the calendar had eight IPOs expecting to raise over $3.7 billion. 
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The IPO Buzz: Hot Signals for the New Year

Past performance is no guarantee of future results” has been the disclaimer of the mutual funds industry as long as anyone can remember. The same can be said for the IPO market. Late last summer, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing window started giving off signals of a coming hot IPO market. It happened. Over the last three weeks, the SEC filing window started sending the same signals – again.
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The IPO Buzz: Champagne, But No IPO Bubble

The champagne corks were popping on the corner of Broad and Wall Streets as the IPO market closed out 2013. The IPO year turned out to be the busiest since 2004. And there’s more good news. There are no signs of an IPO bubble in those fizzy champagne glasses.
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The IPO Buzz: Last Call for IPOs in 2013

Circle December 18 on your calendar. That’s the last stopping day for the IPO market in 2013. Two deals are scheduled to make their debuts on Wednesday. And then it’s home for the holidays.
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The IPO Buzz: A Big IPO Wish List

The IPO market saddles up this week for the year’s last big sleigh ride through the canyons of Wall Street. On tap are 10 deals, with bankers expecting to raise $4.6 billion. Over half are said to be on somebody’s “most wanted” list.
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The IPO Buzz: The IPO Variety Show

The week cut short by the Thanksgiving Day break closed down the IPO calendar, but the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s filing window was open for business. As a result, a few names hopped onto the forward calendar. Each company represented IPO market sectors that are in play.
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The IPO Buzz: No Bubble, No Worries

opposing views surfaced last week about the IPO market. From some corners,
there was talk of an IPO bubble, and from others, the story was that the IPO
market was played out. The latter camp pointed to four postponements and an
empty forward calendar. That is true. There is nothing on the November/December
calendar at press time. But there are signs in Wall Street’s jungle that debunk
both views.  
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The IPO Buzz: A Shift in the IPO Market

It’s been said that when God closes a door, He opens a window. These are not necessarily comforting words on Wall Street, but there are indications that doors may be closing to certain sectors of the IPO market.
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The IPO Buzz: All This and Twitter, Too

November’s IPO market is already blowing into the canyons of Wall Street, thanks to a strong underlying market. This month’s traffic began on Friday with an opening-day moonshot. Twitter (TWTR – proposed) takes top billing on this week’s IPO calendar. By the way, it is shaping up to be the busiest week in six years. And that’s not all, folks! Besides Twitter, there are other “IPOs of Interest” among the names waiting to go public.

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