The IPO Buzz: Bios Back on Stage

An industry favorite from the past is returning to center stage this week to lead the IPO calendar. Yes, the bio-IPOs are back in town. The recent deals from the technology sector (SecureWorks – SCWX) and the world of gambling (Red Rock Resorts – RRR) did not work out. This week’s IPO calendar has four […]

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The IPO Buzz: Turning the Playbook Upside Down

The IPO traffic did a flip-flop from its traditional opening-day playbook last week. A REIT IPO popped at the opening while a tech IPO flopped. It usually happens the other way around. The  reasons for this surprising scenario can be found in a couple of numbers – seven, long regarded by gamblers as a lucky […]

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The IPO Buzz: Back To Work

This week’s calendar is expected to print over $1 billion worth of IPOs. There are only three deals on the launching pad, but the buzz around Wall Street is all are inplay. That being said, let’s get to them. They are in the order of size: MGM Growth Properties LLC (MGP – proposed) plans to […]

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The IPO Buzz: Second Time at Bat

Bats Global Markets (BATS – proposed), the fintech operator of an electronic stock exchange, plans to price its IPO this week. This isn’t the first time at bat for Bats. Back on the evening of Thursday, March 22, 2012, BATS Global Market (the old name featured all caps – now it’s Bats Global Markets) priced […]

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The IPO Buzz: When the IPO Past Is Prologue

The stock market closed Friday at a new high for 2016, but IPOs were nowhere in sight. Maybe the problem is the underperformance of the NASDAQ Composite Index. Even though the NASDAQ closed last week at 4,914.54, it was still DOWN 1.85 percent for the year. It closed at 5,007.41 on Dec. 31, 2015. In […]

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The IPO Buzz: Some IPO History and Hope

This week, this month and the first quarter of 2016 close out with just one small-cap IPO of $20 million on the calendar. Due to the U.S. stock market’s recent correction, this year’s IPO traffic has all but dried up. No record lows in volume, but close to it. One can reach back to 1970 […]

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The IPO Buzz: Backstage Prep for the IPO Show

The wind under the wings of the equity capital markets (ECM) calendar is a rising stock market. It has always been that way, and if history repeats itself, the return of the IPO market could be sooner rather than later. Consider: All the major U.S. stock market indexes have reversed the recent correction. At Friday’s […]

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The IPO Buzz: A Glimmer of Hope

If you missed the sliver of light flashing across Wall Street’s darkened sky as last week came to an end, it’s understandable. You had to be looking hard. The twinkling could be the sign of coming attractions. In past years, it has taken about three to six weeks for the IPO calendar to come back […]

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The IPO Buzz: Blank Check, Please

This week’s spotlight has swung to a lesser god of the IPO market. On tap is a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) or what is also known as a blank-check company. Here is the story on the blank-check offerings. Decades ago, it was not unusual for an IPO blank-check company to disappear, and maybe at […]

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The IPO Buzz: Genes, Drugs and Clarity

It looks as if the only IPOs to get out the door so far this year are from the health-care sector plus a “blank check” offering. This week has two health-care deals and one “blank check.” Nevertheless, the mislabeling of certain health-care IPOs creates a case of mistaken identity. The financial press insists on labeling […]

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