The IPO Buzz: Adamas One (JEWL) Doubles in December Debut

Adamas One Corp. (JEWL) – the first IPO priced in December – scored a moonshot in its debut today (Friday, Dec. 9, 2022) on the NASDAQ. The synthetic diamond company’s stock opened at 11:35 a.m. EST at $8.60 – up 91.1 percent from its $4.50 IPO price on volume of 56,590 shares, NASDAQ records show. […]

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The IPO Buzz: December Hush

December is off to a quiet start. Just three deals are on the IPO Calendar. The new face on the IPO runway belongs to SONDORS (SODR proposed). It’s the first electric bike maker to go public. The other two deals – Bullfrog AI Holdings (BFAI/ BFAIW proposed) and Erayak Power Solution Group Inc. (RAYA proposed) – are […]

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The IPO Buzz: Light Fare in the Post-Thanksgiving Week

Adamas One (JEWL proposed), a synthetic diamond technology company, is one of just two companies planning to go public during this post-Thanksgiving week. Maybe the bankers and their clients are still recovering from the long holiday weekend. Erayak Power Solution Group Inc.(RAYA proposed) is the other name on this week’s IPO Calendar. Both deals – Adamas One and Erayak […]

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The IPO Buzz: Power in the Pipeline

Power plays are back in style. Two big oil and gas IPOs – BKV Corp. (BKV proposed) and TXO Energy Partners (TXO proposed) – slid into the IPO pipeline in the past week. Each is estimated at $100 million. The timing was perfect – in sync with icy temperatures across much of the U.S., a record snowstorm […]

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The IPO Buzz: Acrivon Therapeutics (ACRV) Prices IPO at $12.50 – Below Range

Acrivon Therapeutics (ACRV) priced its IPO at $12.50 – far below its initial price range of $16.00 to $18.00 – and sold 7.55 million shares (7,550,000 shares) on Monday night (Nov. 14, 2022) to raise $94.38 million. That’s a much smaller deal than the cancer biotech had originally planned. Acrivon Therapeutics initially expected to raise […]

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The IPO Buzz: China’s Atour Lifestyle Hotel Chain Flies on First Day

Atour Lifestyle Holdings Ltd. (ATAT), a leading midscale hotel chain in China, flew first class in its NASDAQ debut on Friday (Nov. 11, 2022). Atour’s stock soared 41 percent to open at $15.50 – up $4.50 from its $11.00 IPO price – in its opening trade at 10:33 a.m. EST on Friday, NASDAQ records showed, […]

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The IPO Buzz: Big Biotech – Acrivon Therapeutics – Leads in Election Week

Acrivon Therapeutics (ACRV proposed), a cancer biotech aiming to raise $100.3 million, leads a life sciences-focused IPO Calendar of seven deals during this election week. This is the first big IPO ($100 million-plus) to land on the IPO Calendar since Mobileye Global, Inc. (MBLY) scored its successful IPO in late October. Four of this week’s seven deals are from […]

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The IPO Buzz: Acrivon Therapeutics (ACRV) Launches $100.3 Million IPO

Acrivon Therapeutics (ACRV proposed), a cancer biotech, filed terms – 5.9 million shares at $16.00 to $18.00 – early today (Thursday, Nov. 3, 2022) and landed on next week’s IPO Calendar. The deal, which will raise $100.3 million if priced at the $17.00 mid-point, launched today as well. It’s set to price on Wednesday night, […]

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The IPO Buzz: A Light Halloween Week

After Mobileye (MBLY), what’s next? So far, only three tiny deals – two IPOs and a NASDAQ uplisting – are on the IPO Calendar this week. With Halloween falling on Monday this year, maybe IPO bankers had the right idea to not schedule any deals for pricing after the close. (Editor’s Note: This column, published on […]

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The IPO Buzz: Mobileye Pops in its NASDAQ Debut

Mobileye Global, Inc. (MBLY) raced onto the IPO freeway – running up 37.95 percent to close at $28.97 today – its first day of NASDAQ trading. Volume: 27,929,867 shares. The stock roared out of the gate – rising 27.2 percent to $26.71 in its opening trade today (Oct. 26, 2022) on the NASDAQ on volume of […]

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